Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of summer

Just a few pictures to remember summer by. Peach picking was a fun day , I didn't know that our grandchildren didn't like peaches...More for us :) The watercolor in the back grown was painted by my Mother, Laura Stanick.

The Clear Water Festival in Asbury Park was a nice day out with the family.

The look on Kayla's face when she came across the poor stuffed wolf...

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Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Dear Mary Louisa.
I am so impressed with your blog and what you have been doing in the summer.
Wonderful exhibition and a real treat to see your family and friends on your blog as well.
I am adjusting back in Vienna.
I have been working a bit, participating in a run and arranging for my new apartment to be ready.
Have a wonderful autumn and creative juices flowing.
Bless, bless.