Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buttons, We Got Buttons...

Organization, organize, reorganize, sorting, arranging, rearranging, keeping things in order!!!  That is what I have set out to do in the new year. My precious treasures that I have collected and have stored in bins and boxes . I know that you know what I am talking about . So I have started with my buttons.  My husband gave me a hand, it took us 2 days on and off to get this done. Hopefully this is the new me... Who am I trying to kid...but it is a good try!



rochambeau said...

Congratulations! To you and your husb for organizing your button collection!! Organizing seems to make way for new creations~ My work space is usually in a state of disarray, then I clean and it goes back to square one! The wheel keeps turning~
Hope your January is off to a great start ML!!

Colleen Colquhoun Athens said...

Yea ML!!! organize...that seems to be the key for better "production" !!! I too am in organization mode...there's gotta be a better way!!! haha Looks colleen