Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Our family cat Ed Norton died two weeks ago.  He would have been 20 years old this coming spring.  He was found in the local sewer (hence the name) or a gutter drain and came to live with us as a tiny kitten , his eyes newly open.  He was never a cat that liked to be cuddled , he just as soon as bite or scratch you. Not a very great full cat but we miss him and hope that he is having fun with all our pets that have gone before him . 


rochambeau said...

My sincere condolences on your loss of Ed Norton! Cats are SO nice. They are the soul of a home. Someday when you are ready, I hope you will make a lonesome kitten a new friend and family member.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Poor Ed. I am so sorry to hear this. What a noble thing to do to give him home for 20 years. He must have liked being with you.
Big hug to you and your family.
xxx Erla