Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I had the best time last Saturday sewing up this Halloween Costume. I got an email from my grand daugther Finna , she wanted to know if I could make a Halloween outfit for her American Doll. Told them let me see what I can do, went to to my stash of "this and that" came out with the one and only pattern for a 18' doll that I had and it happen to be a Halloween doll pattern. This is the finshed project. Sure hope that it fits the doll.


Colleen Colquhoun Athens said...

how adorable is this??? I LOVE the shoes and hat, you know its always the accessories that "finishes" the "LOOK"!!! Great!!!! Love Colleen

Anonymous said...

What a lucky little girl Finna is to have a Grandmother like you.
The outfit is such you need to make one for Finna :)