Sunday, November 8, 2009

My interpretation of Henri Matisse painting " Dance " Who are you going to be THE NEXT TIME AROUND??

The top picture is of Henri Matisse's painting DANCE. It has been one of my favorite paintings and when I came across a needlepoint book "MUSEUM MASTERPIECES IN NEEDLEPOINT by Brande Ormond I did DANCE in counted cross stitch.
But I had my own idea of how the women would look, so I took a little liberty in the hues and shades of the women. I think that it made it more interesting. Hope Henri won't mind.
So now for many years I have been thinking about going the next step and doing them as Art Figures. They have been dancing in the back of my mind for a long . Till I meet Janice Anderson, a fellow artist . Her Art Figures are so strong! From her I have seen what can be done .

No matter how hard I tried to get the blond figure to look more like the original movment in the painting, she would not cooperate.


taylor loves the sun. said...

mary louisa...these dolls are fantastic!!!! I love their shapes, and the "movement" I see when i look at can see how MOVEMENT adds expression to the doll!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS...are they tiny? haha Colleen

rochambeau said...

GREAT interpretation, Mary Louisa!!

Happy Autumn!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspired work as always! Your goal of capturing the movement was a success. I especially love their feet.

janice a/k/a earthloczwoman said...

I love them! Isn't it wonderful how the dolls move and dance and do their own thing? Matisse would be proud. You are so kind and generous to give me credit for inspiration. You inspire me all the time. Love, Janice

Anonymous said...

Ah!!!well you know how blonds are :)
I love the idea of the different hues...I am sure in Henri were doing his painting in this day and age he would have done the same.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Such a challenge and a great outcome.
I also like the advent calendar.
It looks very much Icelandic.
Have a lovely time ahead dear Mary Louisa.
Take care.