Monday, November 22, 2010

Eyjafalljokull volcano Iceland Pictorial Quilt

Fabric wall hangings, a new creative outlet. Very enjoyable. I looked at many photos of the volcano that erupted in Iceland last spring and I was fascinated with the pictures that were taken at night, with the green northern lights dancing in the night sky behind the plume of smoke.  The smoke I felted onto the fabric using Icelandic lopi wool. 

Once I started looking for the reds that I needed for the lava I was amazed at what I had on hand.  I shouldn't have been surprised, fabric hoarder ... and some of them glow in the rigth ligth!!

Some weeks ago I had been out with my friend Bunny at a wonderful quilt store called "Quilting Possibilities"in Forked River NJ. Like I needed more fabric but they had a great selection of prints that work well in landscapes.  I tried to catch the force and beauty of nature. It measures 18"-27".


rochambeau said...

Thinking of you Mary Louisa!

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

My dear friend.
I wish you peace on this day.
You are in my thoughts and I send you my best ones.