Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dragon Rider

The doll club that I am a member, "Garden State Doll Artisans" meets once a month in the Public Library in Neptune N.J. We decided that we would pick a children book and make a soft sculpture illustration that the
library could put on display in November . I picked Cornella Funke's book "Dragon Rider" , since I enjoy the idea of dragons flying around . So here is my interpretation of the book cover.


Rebecca Rose said...

I love the dragon!! You did such a great job, it looks like he flew right out of the book!!

redheadedtrouble said...

Fascinating that while Mary Louisa's dragona and rider appear at first glance to be the same as the book cover characters, look more closely and you will notice several "artistic license" changes Mary has made to her dragon and rider...just goes to show how every artist puts a piece of themselves into their work (and how even an excellent duplication is never enough to satisfy the soul of the true artist.

rochambeau said...

Fabulous Mary Louise! You did good!
So creative and fun.


Colleen Colquhoun Athens said...

Wow...I'm catching up on visiting blogs!!! THANK GOD i did!!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!! I love the boy's outfit (a real boy!) and his it needle sculpted!? I'm thinking!!!
The Library is going to love this!!! Colleen

briton said...



I eally really really wanna make this dragon, can you please give or sell me the pattern?

Please please please !!!

Thank's (: