Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A perfect summer Sunday

Water Play

Hide and Seek

Air Show and Lunch

Relaxing and reading.

If you look closely you will see the weeds,oh yes, they are getting ahead of me by the minute. Don't know what has changed , I used to be on top of the weeding , the pruning , the dividing off the Day Lilly's , what has happened?? Could it be that I am not as young as I think? Oh well, we do the best that we can. So here is the garden, weeds and all on a very perfect summer day, with our daugther Rebecca and her two children Kayla and Ben , my husband Michael and Lucy the dog.


Ása G. Ásgeirsdóttir said...

Hi Mary
It looks like a perfect sunny day in your beautiful garden

Diane Kearney said...

Mary Lou,
I glad my garden isn't the only one full of weeds. I just came in from pruning. It's raining. Probably won't last lone. When I looked at your pictures I marvelled when I thought of what has come out of those small plants that our neat gardens had in the spring. Now it's like organized chaos. Well, maybe not so organized. Anyway, I enjoyed your pictures. Make sure you take time to smell the flowers.

Rebecca Rose said...

That was such a nice afternoon!! The kids and I love when we come over for visits, anytime of year!!