Thursday, August 20, 2009

A visit from Mo'a Romig-Boyles

Last Friday I had a very lovely visit from Mo'a Romig-Boyles. She is a wonderful accomplished painter, sculpture, fiber artist and much more. At this time she is enjoying photography, if interested you can visit her blog and take a look at her work. I have her on my fav.list. She very generously gave me this beautiful handmade doll. We talked about our love of grandchildren, gardening and art. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. The only downside to the visit was I forgot to take pictures, how silly was that!!


Anonymous said...

*Blush* Thank you for your lovely compliment.
I am with you...I also forgot to take pictures...we were so busy talking and being in the moment :)
Thank you for a lovely afternoon.

rochambeau said...

Beautiful Mary Louisa! Glad you could get together and your little doll is very nice!