Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wayne Art Center Art Dolls Show

Barbara Crooker and Evelyn Lewis, two dear friends . We had a wonderful time.

Fellow doll club member Diane Kerney and her husband came to the show. Diane and I belong to the "Garden State Doll Artisans". The club meets every third Friday in Neptune NJ in the library.

Here Susan Osborne and I meet for the first time. Susan and Karen Louise Fay put this great show together. I thank them both for including me in this wonderful opportunity of exhibiting my art with the other artists . This was a joy and very exciting.

Susans art is full of life , love how she has the girls dancing on air.

It was a thrill to meet Christopher Malone, what exotic and wonderful art he makes . Marvelous attention to his bead work, and love the way he makes the hands. We happen to be in the same autumn 2007 issue of Art Doll Quarterly , very cool.

elinor peace bailey and just some of her admirers . Didn't get to meet her, I think that I was to
shy to approach her... a lost opportunity.