Monday, November 22, 2010

Eyjafalljokull volcano Iceland Pictorial Quilt

Fabric wall hangings, a new creative outlet. Very enjoyable. I looked at many photos of the volcano that erupted in Iceland last spring and I was fascinated with the pictures that were taken at night, with the green northern lights dancing in the night sky behind the plume of smoke.  The smoke I felted onto the fabric using Icelandic lopi wool. 

Once I started looking for the reds that I needed for the lava I was amazed at what I had on hand.  I shouldn't have been surprised, fabric hoarder ... and some of them glow in the rigth ligth!!

Some weeks ago I had been out with my friend Bunny at a wonderful quilt store called "Quilting Possibilities"in Forked River NJ. Like I needed more fabric but they had a great selection of prints that work well in landscapes.  I tried to catch the force and beauty of nature. It measures 18"-27".

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hot Flash ! A Celebration

Something very nice happened. Don't know if it is bad form to bring this up myself but... The artist Pamela Hastings has included me in her new book, "Hot Flash! A Celebration". To share the pages with  my friend and fellow artist Janice Anderson and so many talented women is a thrill.  Poets, Fiber Artist, Painters, a feast for eye and mind. If you would like to have a look at the book go to  the book is on Pamela's blog.  That is Janice standing next to me in the very nice photo that was taken by Mo'a Romig-Boyles.