Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Silver Dragon

Some years ago the doll club that I belong to had a challenge for us.  Make a doll from a children's  book .   So I picked "The Dragon Rider" by Cornella Funk.  On a whim I sent him off to Art Doll Quarterly and his picture is now in the "Show & Tell" section on page 117.  The magazine sent me a "badge" to put on my blog, lets see if I can figure that out :-)

 So here he is waiting for me to figure out how to make him come alive from the book cover, seems to be having a nice time as he waits. He is wire over cloth , there is a full wire frame inside his body including his wings.  The little boys head is paper clay the body wire and cloth. 

I haven't posted much lately  so I thought that it might be time to put on a few picturesSo here goes....

                                                       My strange Jumping Cat

    Is she bringing Sweet Dreams                                                     on her twisted broomstick??
I really like her twisted broom and her two frog friends on her hat

This girl has caught a soap bubble and has decided to go for a nice ride 

            They are 5" tall, cloth over wire

                   I think that she is little bit allergic to cats  :-) 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Love

Having the best time "Panting With Wool"  The colors are so vibrant.  The feel of the wool in my hands is so satisfying.  Not that I have given up on my soft sculptures, but sometimes it is a good idea to see whats down another road.

I have been away from my blog for such along time, so now that I am back they have changed the format and I am going to have to figure this all out again...blahh