Monday, June 27, 2011

Quilt Out Loud party

After a wonderful party with family and friends I was greeted with a beautiful morning.

But first I had to rescue some ants that for what ever reason (only they knew) were stranded on the floating candles that Rebecca had put in the pond for our enjoyment.

Only then was I able to sit and enjoy the paper with my cup of coffee.

And this is a wonderful place to have your coffee first thing in the morning before all the noise of the world invades .

With all my heart I would like to thank my loving daugther Rebecca, my wonderful sons Jason and Aaron for all the help that they did in the house and the garden in preparation for this get together. My sister-in-law Audrey was a big help, with out her and Rebecca I don't think that I would of pulled this off.  Also my friend Bunny Goode who was the catalyst for bringing me to the attention of Mark Lipinski and Jodi Davis of Quilt Out Loud, who came and I hope had a good time with us.  There is more to this story  and when I have the information I will be shearing that with you.