Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictorial Quilt

I had a very good time making this pictorial wall hanging. It is 23" long by 21" high, made mostly with hand dyed silk, except for the dark green and black silk, they were clothes that I wore out. Does that make me a hoarder? Saving old clothes?? You never know when you will be able to use this or that ;))    

She is standing on the cliffs, trying to hold down her hair, dress and apron in the Icelandic wind. If you have ever been to Iceland you know all to well about the wind.  I don't think she is to upset about standing on the cliff in the wind.  More excited about the ships coming home .

Here is the photo that got me thinking about making this wall hanging.  This is our daugther Rebecca standing on a ferry as we cross from Denmark to Sweden . We were living in Germany at that time and enjoyed taking week-end trips.  She was trying not to blow away.