Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up and coming artist

This is our grandson Ben , I might be seeing something that others don't see but I see an artist in the making.

First here is Ben with a piece of fence post that he found behind the garage. And I thought "That's a boy for you" Lugging logs around.

But then later I here him call for his Mom and me to come see the "Sculpture"( His word) that he was making. He had put the fence post up on end and found a quartz rock, covered it with a dry leaf and as I watched he said that it needed some "color", so he pulled up some grass and sprinkled it on top.

Then he was off looking for a flower for some more color.

Here is Ben with his first work of art.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quilt Out Loud Garden Party

This winter I had been mulling around in my mind the idea of having a Garden Party and inviting all my artists friends.  I called it "Celebrating Women And Their Art"  So I picked the date of June 26 and starting planing .  This was going to be a wonderful party, friends, good food, some drinks and everyone brought one piece of art for show and tell. My Mother was the feactured artist.  My friend Bunny Goode  brought this to the attention of the wonderful people of  "Quilt Out Loud" and before we knew it Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski were coming to join the fun. My daugther  Rebecca toke  some pictures in between getting the food and drinks out . I should have been taking pictures also but there was so much going on that I was over whelmed . The pictures could have been better but I am happy that we have what we have. Enjoy!!

Meeting Jodie and Mark

I am showing Mark the quilt that I had started putting together out of silk fabric that I had collected. The finished piece is the little viking girl waiting for the ships to come to shore.

 Here my Mom and Mark are having a few laughs.

Mark and the girls talking about all the wonderful art that they had brought  for show and tell. You can see that they were having a good time.

Then a little time to relax around the table.

Here is just a few of the wonderful art from that day.

 My Mother Laura Stanick's painting of me in my garden.

Audrey is loving here new found felting

Flora's doll   and Stephanie's wonderful book of flowers and friendship.

Bunny's sexy long legged lady , Jane and Linda's dolls

Janice's and Maria's work of art 
Susan's Art Quilt

                 Hope you all enjoyed your self's!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictorial Quilt

I had a very good time making this pictorial wall hanging. It is 23" long by 21" high, made mostly with hand dyed silk, except for the dark green and black silk, they were clothes that I wore out. Does that make me a hoarder? Saving old clothes?? You never know when you will be able to use this or that ;))    

She is standing on the cliffs, trying to hold down her hair, dress and apron in the Icelandic wind. If you have ever been to Iceland you know all to well about the wind.  I don't think she is to upset about standing on the cliff in the wind.  More excited about the ships coming home .

Here is the photo that got me thinking about making this wall hanging.  This is our daugther Rebecca standing on a ferry as we cross from Denmark to Sweden . We were living in Germany at that time and enjoyed taking week-end trips.  She was trying not to blow away.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Quilt Out Loud party

After a wonderful party with family and friends I was greeted with a beautiful morning.

But first I had to rescue some ants that for what ever reason (only they knew) were stranded on the floating candles that Rebecca had put in the pond for our enjoyment.

Only then was I able to sit and enjoy the paper with my cup of coffee.

And this is a wonderful place to have your coffee first thing in the morning before all the noise of the world invades .

With all my heart I would like to thank my loving daugther Rebecca, my wonderful sons Jason and Aaron for all the help that they did in the house and the garden in preparation for this get together. My sister-in-law Audrey was a big help, with out her and Rebecca I don't think that I would of pulled this off.  Also my friend Bunny Goode who was the catalyst for bringing me to the attention of Mark Lipinski and Jodi Davis of Quilt Out Loud, who came and I hope had a good time with us.  There is more to this story  and when I have the information I will be shearing that with you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Art Quilt Michael and Mary

A very long time ago , around 1970-71 I sketched a somewhat racy picture of myself and Michael on a piece of notebook paper. You can see that the picture is fading with time but the memories are still strong. I came across it after having to look at  more paper work. The act of making this wall art hanging has keep me occupied during the long evenings. It is 23"-13" and is mostly hand sewn.   Hope that I won't be shocking our children by posting this on my blog  :-)  My Michael might be gone from this world now but not from my heart.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

In 1998 I made what I call "The Mushroom Gatherers" , two young elves ,who were in love sitting on a bench in the woods.

 Many, many years later a friend emailed us a photograph that he had come across while checking out a site called "Upstage". Upstage was a coffee house in Asbury Park in the 60'  that all the up and coming musicians played in, including my husband Michael. So about 3 or 4 years ago we get to see a picture of the two of us on our second date, very cool. It was a real surprise to see after all this time.

Now, what I would like to point out is how similar the photo and the two elves look. From the color of what I am wearing, my flower shirt, the girl elf is wearing floral tights . Michael is wearing his buck skin jacket( very hip for the times) the boy elf has a buck skin hat and you can't see in the picture but he has a leather vest on. Even how I made the elf's hand around the girls waist, you would of thought that I had copied from the picture. Just have to wonder...