Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up and coming artist

This is our grandson Ben , I might be seeing something that others don't see but I see an artist in the making.

First here is Ben with a piece of fence post that he found behind the garage. And I thought "That's a boy for you" Lugging logs around.

But then later I here him call for his Mom and me to come see the "Sculpture"( His word) that he was making. He had put the fence post up on end and found a quartz rock, covered it with a dry leaf and as I watched he said that it needed some "color", so he pulled up some grass and sprinkled it on top.

Then he was off looking for a flower for some more color.

Here is Ben with his first work of art.


Rebecca Waters said...

Excellent! The sculpture is now outside by the front door. He has checked on it to make sure it was ok. It is. Great blog...of course I'm a little bias :)

Anonymous said...

I believe you are right! Excellent natural eye for composition, and of course, he comes from very artistic stock!

Colleen Colquhoun Athens said...

Yes Mary L....He is a beautiful boy that has probably received the "Gift" of Art from you ...
His "sculpture" is Great and I hope many more will follow....

Anonymous said...

Speaking of adorable grandchildren ;)
He is a natural. Love is art offering...the nut...ummm!! fruit does not fall far from the tree. Give him xoxo from me...and here are some for you xoxo

Vickie said...

i just love his raised eyebrow and the smile of satisfaction on the last shot! He is quite the individualist, has a good sense of art and you and Becca must be so proud of him!

rochambeau said...

Adore his sculpture!!!!
Happy Autumn Mary Louise~~
Hope your have your electricity!!