Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aviaryanna and her Halcyons

Halcyon (hal-see-en) are birds from mythology. The belief was that the bird hatched its young in a nest floating on the sea during the winter solstice. They are supposed to have a peaceful,calming influence on the waters. This is where we get the saying "Halcyon day."

I imagine that Aviaryanna is getting ready to send the birds off just before the winter solstice , peacefully waiting for their return.

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Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Hæ Mary Louisa.
Takk fyrir að heimsækja bloggið mitt.
I am so glad to have a message from you. I was in NYC for 3 days 2 weeks ago. It was too short to come and look you up.
Maybe next time!
Hafðu það gott.
Best wishes for a beautiful spring.